Worker and Employee exposure to gases, hydrocarbons and other common contaminants can be efficiently and cost effectively determined by simple air monitoring.  INALAB has 34 years of analyzing volatile contaminants in both indoor, environmental, work place and diver's air supplies.  WE CAN HELP YOU!

Environmental / Real Estate Analyses


Pesticide residues can be a health threat, WE CAN HELP YOU, to protect the health of your family and yourself. Many commonly used household pesticides can have adverse health effects. Some residues can remain active for years.  Attic, basement and crawl space dusting powders are particularly troublesome.  Many were applied in older homes years ago and are extremely persistent in nature.

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Mold Gotcha?

Why pay more and wait longer for indefensible analytical work?  INALAB is the first and only LOCALLY OWNED Accredited Environmental Microbiology (EMPAT) Laboratory in the State of Hawaii.  We have been conducting Indoor Air Quality Analyses for more than a QUARTER OF A CENTURY.   Why send your mold samples to a Mainland Laboratory or a non-Accredited facility when you can save money and time with forensically defensible results by acting locally while thinking globally? 

"Inalab, your partner in the science of environment and life"

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